Reading & Writing Outside the Box

Have you ever written outside your genre?

Do you read outside your favorite genre?

Reading for me is easy. I love it. Reading fiction or non-fiction is escape - MOST OFTEN. I'm rarely invested beyond my enjoyment and the edification to be gained. If what I'm reading I don't like after about 25 pages, I stop. That number used to be higher, 50+ pages. As I get older, I'm more conscious of the time I'm spending - or maybe it's a product of instantaneous things to read. Good things.

Reading is easy.

Writing - for me - is hard. I've chosen a path which has required more business writing these past few months. It's informed my fiction - which coincidentally isn't easy either.

What writing outside my comfort zone has taught me is that when I do have the time to write for me, I need to focus on what I love. What I'm proud of. What makes me excited.

As life moves forward this October - I'm reading more and giving myself the birthday present of writing what stirs me.

What are your thoughts on writing and reading?

Happy October,




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