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Haggis from Macski's Highland Foods - Make it for dinner. Really

Several years ago our dear friend Mary Raebel drafted this blog and we are happy to share it with you here.

Macski’s Highland Foods and Gear, located in middle America, knows haggis might not be one of those things that pops to mind when making out your shopping list. But maybe it should. Why? Because haggis isn’t your everyday, ho hum, just-what-everyone-would-expect kind of thing. And neither are you. If you haven’t introduced your taste buds to haggis, you need to because:

· You’re all things Celtic. You can’t wear the kilt and say you haven’t tried haggis.

· You’re a foodie. Haggis must be on your foodie bucket list. Right?

· You like trying new things. It isn’t sky diving or white river rafting, but it is kind of daring.

· You like surprising your guests. “Haggis?” he asked with raised eyebrows. “My, aren’t you fascinating.”

· You need that conversation ice breaker. “Wow!” she exclaimed. “What is it? … Where do you even buy that?” Macski’s Highland Foods, of course.

· You need a way to vet a first date. Seriously. Do you really want to invest in a relationship with someone who isn’t willing to try something new?

And if you are familiar with haggis, then you need to savor the taste of haggis by Macski’s Highland Foods& Gear. Macski's haggis is made from natural lamb, steel cut oats, onions, secret spices, and a love for all things Scottish. Macski’s also offers haggis as a sausage link and a vegetarian option, as well.

In Scotland, a traditional dinner may consist of haggis, neeps (turnips), and tatties (potatoes) - see cover photo. Macski's Highland Foods & Gear combines those ingredients and stuffs them into a pastry crust to create Highland Pasties.

Haggis gourmet

If straight-up haggis still seems a little frightening, or if you’re so “been there, done that,” Macski’s offers some haggis recipes that are a must-taste experience. Looks aren’t everything, but these presentations really are too mouth-watering to pass up.

Macski's Highland Foods’ recipe for Scotch Eggs can also be found in author Martin Hintz’s book, Food Lovers’ Guide to Wisconsin. Turn to page 312.

How to buy haggis

How do you get your hands on this savory taste sensation? If you are in the greater Milwaukee area, you may purchase Macski's haggis and pasties at Tralee Irish Imports, 5423 W. Vliet St., Milwaukee, WI. If you are not near Milwaukee, don't worry. You can purchase directly from our website. We ship out M-R for next day deliveries and M-W for 2 day deliveries.

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