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David & Valerie Anderson

Scottish Development International

The haggis was superb, in fact , one of the best we have ever tasted. We will be recommending Macski's to all our friends in the US and Canada.

Jason Seeds

Milwaukee, WI

Vince, your haggis is “other-worldly” you are a master! 😋🤤

Jen Horn

Real Men Wear Kilts

Prepping for tomorrow's special Burns Night preview Cuisine & Corsets show. I snuck a bite of haggis OH MY GOD YOU GUYS THIS IS SO GOOD.

Maggie Nugent

Chicago, IL

We are so lucky to have your family business as part of our family's tradition.

Cheryl Peters

Glendale, WI

I love my bag! I love the color, the bag it came in and the smell of the leather. It is a beautifully crafted item. :) 

Suzanne Mohr

Kenosha, WI

I received your market bag today. What a wonderful surprise. I absolutely love it!

It was so kind and generous of you to make this unique and beautiful MACSKI'S bag for me.

I'm looking forward to using it and can't wait to show it off.

Cathy Maxwell

Scottish Romance Writer

I received my beautiful leather shopper from Macski's and I LOVE It. Plus they gave me this cool face mask "Be Brave--Do Good, Eat Haggis Why not?" Absolutely why not!

Judie Oberst

Racine, WI

I took mine to AZ - it was my carry-on loaded with snacks, magazines, "beauty" essentials, iPad, phone, and on and on! BTW, I gave Lindsey the blue one and she loved it!

Ewa Poloczek


Finished the book smiling as tears are running down my cheeks. So much of the story fit right in to my life. Now the only thing I need is to find myself a Garrett. I talk to my gentle creatures who are guiding me towards the light and love of my Mr. Right .



Second Chances has everything I love in a book. Rhia and Ram were strong characters with heart and intelligence and depth. I can say the same thing for the other characters in the book. They weren't just there to make Rhia and Ram look good. They mattered. Even the steamy scenes mattered. I'm marking this as a favorite and plan to read it again soon.

M.J. Scheibl


When I get old, I want to live in a place like Potter's Woods. I'd love to be a character as unique and cantankerous as Irma. And if I were surrounded by people like Reed and Jordon who are the heroine and hero in this book, I'd die knowing I'd been in heaven already.
Leigh Morgan has created a realistic world filled with delightfully unique characters displaying strengths that push the story forward and create conflict that keeps the reader turning pages. Even better I learned more about the world and lifestyle of those who take martial arts as a lifestyle and use it to make themselves better people. I finished the book wishing it hadn't ended but being filled with the wonder of bits of magic and life truths and people who will live within me.

Alycson Michalowski


There's a new novelist in town! This book unwraps layers of love and magic. Women and warriors stand toe to toe in their quest to defend tradition and learn that you cannot dodge your destiny. More than heaving bosoms and moist lips, this author writes for women who know they are equal to men, yet still celebrate their femininity.

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