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Macski's Haggis is made from pasture grazed natural lamb, steel cut oats, onions and spices. It is a true Scottish style haggis that does not use any beef or pork fillers. Macski's Haggis is available in 1 and 4 lb. sizes, and comes in an oven-safe casing. Simply thaw and bake per instructions on label. Whether served with neeps & tatties, or on a bed of chips, Macski's Haggis is guaranteed to please your palette. The taste of Scotland...made in America.


Our haggis is served at Highland Games across the USA by various food vendors. We are also the Official Haggis Provider to The St. Andrew's Society of The City of Milwaukee.


Though oats are by their nature gluten-free, Macski's only uses Certified Gluten Free Oats from mills that do not have any possible gluten cross contamination.


"Really great haggis, my family was exceedingly hesitant to eat it and they all had seconds!" 

Edd O'Meara, Milwaukee, WI

1 lb. Lamb Haggis

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