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Before she started writing as M.L. MacDonald, Morganne wrote under the pen name Leigh Morgan


DEFENDING DESTINY is Book 3 in her Warrior Chronicles Series


  • Daisy Bennett left home on her eighteenth birthday, leaving Magnus Alexander at the altar knowing that he’d been trapped into a marriage he didn’t want. Daisy left her life of privilege behind to make her own way in the world. Now, ten years later, she’s done just that. She’s on the verge of becoming the youngest Celtic artifact finder in the history of the Scottish Damselfly Society. She no longer needs Magnus, but she still wants him.

    Magnus Alexander, jewelry designer, metal smith, and clandestine protector of Celtic artifacts, regrets having lost Daisy because of the cruel things he said to her on the morning of their wedding. Now Magnus wants her back in his life. His new assignment, protecting Daisy as she hunts for the legendary Druid’s Scroll in Argyll, Scotland, will give him that opportunity.

    There is a very real adversary willing to kill for the sacred Druids Scroll. Will Magnus help Daisy defend her destiny and take her rightful place within the Damselfly Society? Can Daisy and Magnus find their way back to one another after a decade apart? Or, will they both die trying?

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