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Love Black Pudding and are having difficulty locating some?


Since we have both Polish and Scottish roots, Macski's Highland Foods is offering for your dining pleasure KISZKA. Kiszka, if you are unfamiliar with it, is a Polish Blood Sausage that is similar to Scottish Black Pudding. It is a more moist sausage made from: pork jowls, buckwheat groats, beef blood, pork liver, and spices.


This Kiszka is cased in a natural beef casing and averages 18 oz.


Our favorite way to serve it is sliced and pan fried until the outside is crispy. Perfect with eggs and hashbrowns for breakfast.


"Thoroughly enjoyed the haggis, haggis sausages and polish blood sausage which, as we were told, does indeed fry up and taste like black pudding! Delicious addition to our Father's Day celebrations. So glad we came across you guys at Highland Fest and that my son, (well-trained to appreciate Scottish fare by his Glaswegian Mum), entered and won the taco haggis eating contest!"  Rosemary Leggett, Milwaukee, WI

Kiszka (Polish Black Pudding)

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